Monday, April 28, 2014

The Rollercoaster!!

So titled because I've never had so many highs and so many lows in the same week, haha! Missions are still awesome, hard times and all!
 My trainer is a STL, so she was gone to meetings and training three days this week. Which meant her other two companions, us greenies, took over the area while she was gone. Has that ever happened before? What week is this, two? Three? AND WE'RE DOIN' THIS ALL BY OURSELVES AW YEAH
 We learned a lot. Mainly, that neither of us know what we're doing, haha. But we did so good, and we taught so many people. We filled some time by knocking doors, which is NO fun and I kept feeling there were other ways to better fill our time, because no one answers their doors, and when they do, they're annoyed. Understandably. And they don't leave their doors open for long because they don't want to let the heat in. She wanted the "missionary" experience, though, so I'm hoping she's all tracted out, haha.
 But on that note, I'm so surprised at how many people actually want to hear about Christ. I expected so much more rejection. And there has been rejection, but there's been so many people who want to talk to us. These are things I actually heard, while talking to people on the street:
 "Oh, yeah, I pass that church on the way to mine. I've always felt like it's been calling me...when's your service? Can I come?"
 "You're the MORMON Missionaries!!! Oh, I've always wanted to talk to you guys!! Can you come by tomorrow?"
 "I prayed that God would send me someone. He sent me three!"
 "I've been trying to convince my husband to take me to that church, but he's never wanted to go....I think I'll just go by myself this week."
 Like, what is this madness? It's reminded me of that one scripture, "I call my sheep, and my sheep hear my voice." The Lord is calling, and so many people are hearing Him. I'm so thankful to be a part of this.
 And a lot of it is the members. They are so awesome. They feel the call to spread the word and have also been talking to whoever will listen. Maricopa is awesome, and the Gospel is awesome, and missions are awesome, high times and low times.
 We've started going further out into the desert. There are lots of trailer homes out there. There's a Navajo woman, she's the one who's been praying for God to send her someone. She's moved out of town to get away from some family problems and misses her son dearly. It was amazing to pray with her (she prays the Navajo way, which was amazing and beautiful...apparently quite a few Christian Navajo's don't just say amen, but close in the name of Christ like we do. Which was kinda cool to hear!) and invite her to let us teach more about Christ and His Gospel.
 Another trailer has a Baptist family who used to be Mormon but left because they didn't like the bishop. This was news to the daughter, however, haha! She was so surprised her parents haven't always been anything but Baptist and wanted to know more. She's much more interested in coming to church than her parents. We've been encouraging her to come to mutual and girl's camp. She's really excited about it! And, her parents are, too, haha. They like the idea of her being around other good Christians. They aren't interested in coming back to church, but they love the missionaries and want to do what we're doing someday, when their kids are grown. They've invited us to dinner.
 The people in the trailers out in the'd think they'd be scary, but they're SO FRIENDLY, haha! These people are so awesome!!
 I love you all!!! I wish I had more time, but I do love you and I love your letters!!
 -Sister Stratford

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