Monday, May 5, 2014

Not too hot for a scarf!

It's May, and that's NOT okay >.>
Hope y'all realize I'm still wearing scarves out here. It's not too hot for a scarf until it's over 95 F, haha.
 LINDA AND TATE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Just this Saturday!! It was SO COOL!! I'm so grateful that I got to see Linda and Tate at the beginning of my mission, because oh my gosh, their live have taken a complete 180. It's so, so crazy to see the Gospel work so totally in someone's life, and to see the light turn on behind their eyes, and to see just how much this has helped them. Linda explained how it didn't take away her problems, but with how much is on her plate, she feels a peace and a calmness knowing God's there and helping her and approves of her efforts and choices. It's helping me gain a little more confidence and courage, because if I could give someone what LInda and Tate have, it's so worth 30 seconds of awkwardness on the street or on a doorstep. We also talked to a recent convert who misses her missionaries so, so much, and keeps in touch with one of them. She was so grateful for their persistence, and regrets her "sassiness," and committed us to be bold, hahaha. Missions are awesome.
 We're teaching someone new! Her name is Dara, and she's so amazing and selfless. She's always volunteering. She started looking into religion because her son, who is mentally and physically handicapped, is suuuuper close to God. Some of the things he says are just amazing and incredible. He feels strongly that God gave him his infirmaries because He wants him to use it to help others who have it worse, and he wants to be a special ed teacher someday. She was turned off by religion for a little bit, because of some Christians who told her her son's problems were a curse from God, but she's out searching again, and really loves a lot of our beliefs, especially our views on baptism. It's hard sometimes to find time to teach her, because she's just so selfless and out helping people all the time. But whenever we get in contact with her, she's eager to pray with us for her friends and the people she helps.
 Hapi has decided she really, really likes the Relief Society!! She still doesn't talk to men, but she loooooves being with the Mormons! She says we're way too nice, haha. She's not interested in converting--whatever she likes from our beliefs, she just kinda adds it to her own Muslim-Catholic-Christian beliefs--but really, all she needs right now is to feel loved, and I'm so, so happy to see that we can do that for her. She's graetful for the patiences the women have in her English. She's still weirded out that we don't cover our heads and that we address God as our Father, but y'know.
 I don't have a lot of time, and I don't feel like my letters are expressing how awesome everything here really is. Missions are awesome, even when it's hard, and I'm standing by what I said when I said I've never been more satisfied or happier with my life. I love teaching and I love working so closely  with God. Thank you all for your letters! I look forward to them every week!!
 Love you all!
 -Sister Stratford
 (I'm still trying to figure out how to set up another blog. One of htese days, haha)

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