Monday, May 12, 2014

Quick Update and pictures!

This week was a little slower, and I got to talk to Mom and Dad ono the phone yesterday and tell them everything, so now I can say silly stuff liiiiike
 -it's so weird how desert vegetation and sea vegetation look soooo similar. Seriously, I stare at some of the cacti out here and I'm like "HOW ARE YOU NOT IN THE OCEAN"
 -Buffalo meat tastes good. And tamales are huge when you wrap them in banana leaves instead of corn husks (OH MY GOSH I DIDN'T NEED TO EAT FOR THE NEXT FIVE MEALS)
 -There's something awesome about eing a missionary and coming home covered in sweat, dust, and dog hair, smelling like tobacco smoke (some people we teach are heavy smokers) with shoes that are now light pink instead of black (duuuuust). Exhausting, but satisfying. Not very many people wanted to hear, BUT we worked hard that day.
 Linda says she feels like a million bucks. Everyone she knows is shocked that she stopped smoking so fast, because she's tried many many times. "This time I had God on my side," she said. "And I wish I could brag, but I can't, because, y'know, God." And she laughs at herself because she used to be so sick of those people who would talk about God all the time, and now she is that person. "And I can't help myself!" She told everyone about her baptism. bahaha! She's so awesome. And Tate got ordained a deacon on mother's day! He's started counting the days when he can serve a mission. There are so many miracles happening in that family. I can't even comprehend it.
 Dara's really hard to get a hold of, because she's jsut sooooooooo selfless and serving all the time, and always responding to emergencies, ahaha. I'm sooo excited to meet her son, and I'm excited to get to teach her!
 I'm still surprised at how many people want to hear from us. I shouldn't be, because the Gospel is true and amazing and I've never seen so many miracles in my life, but I heard so many people complain about the Mormons and the missionaries, and I was scared. I'mm getting used to not listening to them, because a lot of people actually want it, and I keep thinking about LInda and Tate and what their lives have become, and the Spirit that's now in their home when we walk in, and it's just worth it.
 I love you all!!! thank you for the emails, I love reading your letters!!
 (Pictures!!! Finally!)

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