Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm in Love!!

I've never been more satisfied or happy with my life. I love the people I've met and taught, my companions, my district, my teachers, I love mission work! There are challenges, but they're workable and not overwhelming, and it's nice to see progress overcoming them. Some learning experiences are painful, I've had a lot of foot-in-mouth moments (more than usual, I guess, haha) but at least I never have to learn them again, haha
 My companions are amazing and I love every little bit of them. Teaching in three is really hard, especially in the planning stages, but we're getting better. And it's like Eliza and the marbles; if you can work in three, you can work in two.

 (how'd it get so late?!? I'm going to have to write fast...)

First all, Mike and Lexa, I don't have your emails, but I wanted to say thanks for the DearElder! It came like ten minutes after I had gotten off the computer, haha, but it was a real treat!! <3 And Happy Birthday, Mike!!

 us three girls and the three elders in our district are the only english speakers in our zone. The rest are ASL.....and they are the most fun people ever. They don't have the diginitiy of missionaries because, um, ASL, lol! They're tons of fun.

 I'm starting to adapt and have more energy. I eat more to make up for the energy I don't get sleeping, haha. Which is bad, the food here is not the healthiest or freshest. Cafeteria food. My branch president's wife keeps wanting me to go to the dietician to get back on my painkiller diet, but I really don't want to, and I'll be in Arizona in a few days anyway/.

 IS ANYONE ELSE EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?!?!?! omg I'm SO EXCITED. We have to watch it in the gym, which I think will destroy my back (we've been sitting WAY to long, no way will I survive all of general conference!!), but it's still exciting!! We've committed a few of our investigators to watch at least one session with a question in their minds and take notes as to what the Spirit tells them. I'm excited to watch all four and do the same!! We didn't get to see the women's conference last week, but they're showing it during priesthood session.

 Sunday night we had a devotional by Brother Elliot, the organist for Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And it was awesome. He had a song he wrote when he was recovering from surgery and couldn't use one of his arms. An arrangement of "Go teel it on the mountain" with almost entirely his feet. It was amazing...and Inspiring, that he still played the organ even when he couldn't use his arm.

 Also, guess who else was part of that musical devotional? David Archuleta! it was the first sunday off of his mission! He sang "Be Still my Soul" And I needed to hear it. I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week.

 I need to write some of you somne personal letters, and I only have three minutes left, but I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope everyone knows how much God loves them!! This will be my last P-Day at the MTC, and my P-day in the field is probably monday, so it might be a while until my next letter, but I love you guys!!

 Sister Stratford


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