Friday, March 28, 2014

The Dork Dot, Three By Three

Well hey, P-day is on Friday in the MTC!! So I get to write today!

 So whatever scary stories that circulate around about the MTC, I don't know where they come from. So far it basically just feels like a big EFY, except advanced mode. More purpose, more work, and everyone actually sleeps at night instead of staying up late talkinga bout boys.

 Seriously, though, the MTC is awesome. I haven't been scared or nervous since getting out of the car with my suitcase. The Spirit is suuuuper strong and incredible, and I feel totally at peace with what I'm doing and what I've chosen. It feels like someone set my bones on fire, and I've felt the Savior's intense love constantly. It's made it easy to love everyone here. It's amazing and I love it.

 I'm so grateful I'm not learning a language. All the hours of personal study can be solely focused on the scriptures, or expanding more on what someone said in class or in a devotional. i can't imagine trying to learn Finnish or Russian on top of all that, haha.

 It's COLD here!! :C I came packed for Arizona, but it's still winter in Utah! I have two companions, and one's from Utah and the other's from Canada, so I don't get much sympathy, hahaha. 50 should be warm, right?

 My companions are the coolest people ever. I really struck lucky. We've really hit it off, and we've become tight like unto a dish. We're in a trio, and we have a whole room to ourself. Three girls in a room for six. Friendships just seem to work well in threes, and prayers and conversation. I love being in a trio. The actual work with three is hard, though. It's hard enough reconciling two schedules, two teaching styles, two ways of thinking, two directions...add a third person and things just get crazy. But we've been great. 

 I'm not gonna lie, it's WIERD when people call me Sister Stratford. I'm like, that's my mom....

 A lot of people are overwhelmed the first few days. I don't feel overwhelemed, but I do feel TIRED. Already the first day. I'm always tired anyway, but it gets hard at the end of the day. It comes and goes, thankfully it's not constant. The problem is spiritual experiences really tire me out, and I usually respond to them by taking a nap. So when I'm learning so much and the Spirit's so strong and all that, I still feel like I'm on fire, I'm just tired. 

 I'm also sore, but in a good way. There was an early morning yoga class my roommates went to, and we have gym time, and they have some nice equipment so I decided to try and get my legs stronger. Well, all the good muscles in my body are sore, so hopefully a little more strengths been added...haha. Don't know how strong I can get until we leave.

 I don't have a lot of time today, but I love you all!! I'm so grateful to be here and I'm excited to head out to Arizona!! (it's 12 days, btw, not 10. I was wrong. Apr 8, we ship out!)

 Love you tons! <3

 ~Sister Stratford

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