Saturday, March 22, 2014

From the Tournament

(For those of you who don't know, I was part of an OCT (original character tournament) on DeviantArt couple years back. It's been over for a long time, but I kept in contact with the judges and some of the contestants, and we've communicated (read "hung out") almost daily. We've been really close and I'll miss them very, very much. They've been amazing friends, especially through some lonely times. 

 Today they wrote me some amazing goodbyes that I want to share on this blog, because I love them so much and they're absolutely fantastic.
 I wish I had time to write out individual notes, but I hope to be in touch with you guys for a good long while, and I'm so grateful that I got to meet you! You've been a huge blessing in my life!)

As most of you know by now one of our amazing finalists :icontenlongfingers: is heading out for 18 months.  So I think it's only right we give her a proper Trinity send off c: ....and by that I mean FEELS FOR EVERYONE!

"LF you've been so amazing through this entire tourney, everyone has, and you've been one of those people that contributed to making this such an amazing experience.  We've loved getting to know you, and your amazing characters, we can never thank you enough for how much you've contributed to this tournament. Your wonderful upbeat attitude and your love for stories has really shined bright throughout your time here with us in Trinity, and I swear it's infectious XD I, and I'm sure the rest of us, know you're going to do amazing on your mission because of that, you get to go out and share that amazing warmth that you've touched us all with.  We're all going to miss you so much, but know that we're all equally proud of you and we're very excited for you to get this opportunity!  

It's been an amazing past couple of years getting to know you, and just know that at the end of eighteen months you're going to have a group of friends waiting eagerly to welcome you home. (and tackle you xD ) " ~Kit

"I wish you good luck, and hope you have a fantastic time" ~Webs

"LF, you’ve been such an awesome person to get to know and meet.  Your creativity has always amazed me, and it was awesome getting to watch you, and everyone else, improve in their story telling, creativity, and abilities to express those stories.  It’s been amazing, getting to know you and an honor to be called one of your friends.  I pray that on your mission you have a good time, and really get all out of it you need, if not more.  We’ll all be awaiting your return with much eagerness and anticipation, excited to hear about your adventures and what in all you experienced.  But first, you have to go on those adventures, to lay your own path and leave your own tracks before you can go back and describe them to us.
Life is a journey, and you’re taking a large step in your life right now.  Just know that while your family at home awaits your return, your internet friends, or “family” in the nutjar, too, will be waiting.
Have a great time, and happy trails!  Godspeed!" ~ Kiku

On behalf of everyone here at Trinity, we love you LF!

~The Trinity Judges

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  1. That mysterious OCT Folk. We're behind you 5K%!