Monday, June 29, 2015


The Ellie Badge!!! 

That awkward moment when you and your companion accidentally match

btw, you know how in all the cartoons the Saguaro cacti are just perfect and neat and symmetrical, with their two or three arms all straight and pretty

 They actually look like this, usually. All twisted and yeah. 

Also, for those who aren't aware, we've been having a bid of a pest problem of bedbugs and got fumigated this week, so we had a graveyard of stuff in our backyard. :p The heat in the black bags kill bedbugs. A good way to make it an adventure instead of an inconvenience is to take good pictures

btw, did I mention it's hot?
The steering wheel is also very hot when it's been in the sun for a while

We tried to pop popcorn

 It didn't work, though. :c It was also cooler that day, though. When we got into the car, the thermostat said 109 instead of 118 like normal. We'll try it another day we're in the parking lot for a few hours. Also, we're planning on using tin foil to turn it into an even more effective solar oven. We will have to try baking cookies one of these days. Maybe transfer meeting. 


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