Monday, June 15, 2015

Keeping notes next week

Seriously, my mind is so mushy busy Monday and the week is just a
blur, I forget what I'm writing home about!

It's pretty darn hot....yeah....monsoon season officially starts
pretty soon, so I'm hoping for rain and haboobs again.

We're actually kinda struggling with our teaching pool. But, that
comes and goes with waves.

Julio got the priesthood yesterday! Yeah! His wife came to sacrament
meeting (which, funny enough, was ALL about the priesthood) but didn't
stay to see the ordination. :c we just try to give him as much support
as possible. It's a hard enough transition, and he's doing it alone,
without any family support.

Fashe.....the language barrier is so steep. No one speaks Croatian.
And she learned English fro. Watching tv, she can't read it. But, God
speaks to her. It's the weirdest thing, because she knows things when
God tells her, and when she asks us about it, we can't explain it. So
we just hope God keeps teaching her. The other day she was telling us,
"I want to be baptized into your church. I want to be a part of it.
God is telling me to be there. But I don't understand why I need to be
baptized again. Why would God be telling me to be baptized in your
church when I've already been baptized?" And then she doesn't
understand our answer.....just keep talking to God, Fashe, you know
what the Spirit feels like. Just keep praying. :)

Her faith is so strong, because God is the only person she can fully
communicate with. He's the only one who speaks her language. I wonder
if that's why she's gotten so fluent at the language of the Spirit,
feeling God guiding her and answering her. She doesn't have anyone
else really to talk to.

We had some amazing miracles last night. It'd been a reaaaaally rough
day for us, and there's a fireside at Tempe that President Toone holds
that we can only go to if we bring someone there. The people we had
invited fell through, and we were praying for the miracle, because we
just really wanted the spiritual uplift we get from those things.
There was a slim, slim chance one guy we invited would make it, but
really, we didn't have anyone. It was a choice between using that slim
chance as an excuse to go for our own spiritual wants, or staying out
to work. We chose to stay.

Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. I have such a
testimony of that. One guy had ordered a free Bible, but had put down
the wrong address. So when we went to the house, and he wasn't there,
we offered the Bible to the strangers that lived there. The woman
there said, "I've actually been wanting to get a Bible for my
daughter, but I don't have a way to get to a bookstore, and we don't
have the money anyway." And then we called the other guy and got his
actual address. :D everyone gets a Bible! We also got to talk to some
really cool people on the street. One couple from California, heck
yes. And one investigator who we haven't seen in a long time who
reeeaaaallly needed us that night. It was just full of miracles.

Endurance miracles are real! And not just for missionaries, either. ^^

That's it for me. Thanks for the prayers and the emails and letters!
You are the best <3 with Fod in His heaven, what's there to fear?

Sister Stratford

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