Monday, June 22, 2015

110+ again. Actually, 115 two days in a row.

It's so hot, hahaha! There's been a little bit of wind, but it doesn't
help at all. It just feels like your getting blasted in the face by a
blow dryer. It's actually been a little rough, because suddenly we've
been having appointments fall through and no ones answering their door
anymore. More so than usual. Like, stuff always falls through, that's
mission, but I was looking at our schedules, how many lessons we
taught a few weeks ago vs. this week and last week, and there's a
definite difference. So, it's hot, and we spend a lot of time out in
it trying to find someone who will open their door. People are
crankier when it's hot. XD

I don't think I've ever drank so much water.

Missions are still the best and dont let anyone tell you different! :p

The mission has totally changed my view on people. I'm driving down
the road, or walking down a stree, and I look at the cars and the
houses and I wonder, "I wonder what's happening in the car or in that
house? There are people in there with a face and a name and a whole
history that spans way before they were even born, when we used to
live with God as spirits. They have a personality, likes and dislikes.
They are feeling emotions right now. They're going somewhere and
coming from somewhere. " it blows my mind sometimes.

Does it ever just really hit you that a divine Being died for each
one of those people? Someone who was completely and totally perfect,
and didn't really need to? I always want to treat people in a way that
shows God I respect that sacrifice. If they were worth all that,
they're worth our kindness and patience.

I don't remember if I've talked about her...I might have. Michelle?
She was involved in a really messy court case. The victim and his
family had all been Mormon, and she was so impressed by how they were
handling everything, she wanted to know more about the beliefs behind
it. She's been going through so much, though. Most of her house
doesn't even have power. :( we were able to bring someone who could
give her a blessing, and it was a really, really powerful experience.
She felt the Spirit so strong. She especially loves, loves hymns. We
try to sing at least one whenever we go. She loves hearing the
harmonies. She plays them on her phone when we're gone using the
LDSmusic app, but she likes hearing is sing.

Julio continues to do really well. He wants a calling in th church
so, so badly. We could see him being an amazing primary teacher or
something like that. He's been praying, asking God to call him as a
ward missionary.

I'm out of time, but I think that's it for me. Everything cancelled,
but we got to see Michelle several times this week and we had some
amazing, powerful experiences with her. We hope she makes it through.

Thanks for your support and your love!! I miss you all so much! :)
HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my amazing Daddy!

I love you all!

Sister Stratford

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