Monday, March 9, 2015

Suddenly, internet!!

So a looooooot of the rules concerning like Facebook and online proselyting and email are changing! Everything's upside down!! :p It's wierd for us since this mission was kinda the beta mission, so instead of just learning new things like everyone else, we're relearning everything!! Haha. It's way nice, though. I didn't know what I was doing, I don't think anyone did. So it's nice to know things now.

 One rule update, we're off facebook for a while until we've finished the 6-12 week online training. 

 Another rule update, we can now check our email any day of the week!!! THough we still have to wait until MOnday to reply.

 Some more news, Transfers are on Thursday. They're still trying to get together a nice smooth transfer week schedule, so it's different again this week. So today actually isn't pday, Thursday transfers day is. We just get an hour to write emails and an hour to write letters (I don't want just an hour to write my letters!!! :C *weeps dramatically on a marble staircase* Sorry if my letters to you take another week, or aren't as long as I'd like :C)

 Oh, also, I guess they're trying to do transfer calls tuesday night, so I still don't know. But it might also be Wednesday night. :p I've been in South Phoenix since July 2nd, how good are my odds at staying? Haha.

 I don't want to leave, though. Even though our teaching pool got decimated. :p It's starting to grow again, lots of really neat people and potential. Nessa is reconsidering and may have stopped her not wanting to be baptized thing that was going on. Also, we just found a suuuuuper cool family!! So we recieved a request for one of the free Bibles we hand out, and we've been trying to get this Bible to them for FOREVER. Someone else kpt ansering the door. She really seemed distant and kinda standoffish, so we didn't really feel comfortable trying to teach her (dumb!!!! :p talk to EVERYONE, some people are super prepared to receive God in their lives and just don't know how to show it!!). But one time when we were walking away, she opened the door again and called after us, "So, wait, what church are you guys from? What are you here for? What do you teach?" 

 Oh my gosh, she was just so prepared. She talked about how confused she was by all the CHristian religion, how they all teach such different doctrine, and not all of them can be right, there has to be a true church somewhere. She also talked about how disturbed she was, whatever pastor she asks tells her that her children won't be her children anymore in heaven. She was very sad that her connection with her children wouldn't continue, that they'd just be in heaven and they'd be like, "Oh hey, remember that one time you gave birth to me and raised me and prepared me for my whole life and taught me how to follow God? Yeah, that was cool. That one time. THrow back Thursday." That just didn't feel right to her, but so many of the churches she went to taught that, and she wanted to know our thoughts about it.

 It was the best thing in the world to testify that families are eternal, and that her kids will always be her kids in heaven forever. It was Seriously amazing. She called us later that day and said, "So I talked to my husband....the next time you come to try to deliver that Bible to my mom, can we all sit in and listen to what you have to say?" 

 Families are the best <3 

Oh!! Fun story!! So exchanges!! I got to go back into Laveen for a day!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it was so fun!! THis whole time I've stayed in my area during exchanges, just cuz...I don't want to get distracted....but I got to go this time, and it was so much fun!! Got to see Merry and all of her kids again (Cari suddenly got tall, what, it's been like four months what the heck)! They seem to be doing well. :D And I got to see Tammy and Tallie again!!! They're doing well, too. Tammy's pretty much on fire now, and so is her mom. It was good to give Tallie a little pep talk, haha. THe scriptures are not boring!! Especially not the book of Alma!! :p

  ...I think that's it for me....sorry they've gotten shorter. :p But I love serving as a missionary, and I love Arizona and the people here, and I love serving the Savior and doing HIs work out in the mission field.

 People who are latter in their mission keep saying, "Man, I never thought this day would come," meaning hitting 15 months ore leaving at the end of the transfer. ANd I"m like, "Yeah, that day's never actually going to come for me, cuz I"m not going home, I'm actually staying here forever." yup. Some more news. >.> hahaha. Let me think that way.

 But I do miss you all!! Thank you for your prayers and support, I love you so much!! <3

 -Sister Stratford

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