Monday, March 30, 2015

Because He Lives

This will have to be a short letter,'s actually not P-Day today because we're going to the temple on Wednesday, and we are booked full of appointments today, so I won't get a full hour of email.

 But I have such a testimony of things just working out. You guys, this whole week was a miracle. Every night this week we would look at all our appointments and plans and goals and people we need to see and just look at each other like, "There's no way this will work." Play around with the plans a bit, moves thigns around, and just, "There's just no way this is going to work." Say a prayer, go to bed, get up and mess with them a little bit more, "How are we going to do this?!" Say another prayer and go out to work.

 WIthout fail, everything fell right into place. It was perfection.

 I felt like I was blowing up a printing shop and God would make a dictionary from the explosion. Or I just pushed over a glass of milk and God made it a map of London. He's just so good at taking absolute chaos and turning it into some sort of order. Not by "fixing" the chaos, the chaos is what made it orderly. I dunno, I'm describing this poorly, but it was such a cool week. We taught so many lessons and helped so many people and no one got left behind. Somehow. That's impossible, but it happened. 

 Women's conference was awesome, and really touched one of the families we invited to watch it.

 WHO'S EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND?!?!?!?!?! Sooooooooo Exciteeeeeeeeeeed!!!! It's going to be so awesome!! The other day we were helping a veteran clean his house, and we invited him to watch at least one session of conference with us. He told us, "Man, you guys are really excited about this...I'm getting all excited, too. Can't wait to see what it's like to hear a modern prophet speak." Yeah, we're pretty excited. XD

 Sorry for the short letter, we have a lesson in 10 minutes. Found him tracting, btw, it still works sometimes. We knock a few doors if lessons fall through. A lot more success than I thought. 

 ALso, the new Easter video is up!! It's sooooo good!! I love the "He is Not Here"  with the "He is HERE" idea. He's not there, He's here!! He lives, He's real and He's here to help us, not condemn us!! That love is here, if we turn to Him and let HIm love us. So awesome.

 I love you guys so much!! <3

 -Sister Stratford

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