Monday, September 21, 2015

What even happened

I dunno about you
But I'm feeling twenty-two

This Saturday, sister Eggleston and I are celebrating our 18th
missionary birthday. We will be officially 18 months old and it will
just be a matter of MTC time before were home. Weird. It's fun to be
doing this together, though. Especially since we were twins born to
the same mom (trainer).

Okay this this week was kind of a blur, and it was a little crazy, so
bear with me as I try to explain it al in less than 15 minutes :p

Okay so first off we were like sick all week. Is this something that
happens to missionaries just before they go him? Why? .....can it,
like, not? :p sister Eggleston had a horrible migraine on Tuesday,
then something happened to my stomach on Wednesday, then in Thursday
sister Eggleston had what I had on Wednesday, so when we did weekly
planning on Friday we were kinda discouraged because nothing happened
at all this week. On Friday we did a massive, understaffed service
project basically all day and didn't get any lessons again. And we
were like, "shoot, I don't even remember this week happening because
we were stinking SICK all week," and then our bodies hurt really bad
because service project.

And then crazy stuff started to happen. Saturday was our real day of miracles.

So our mission started trying this thing where w're required to tract
(go door to door) for an hour a day. It's been kinda rough because
there are a lot of unfriendly people in this part....were in the
middle of nowhere, which is where people go to be left alone. :p I
miss Phoenix, where everyone talked with strangers. Haha. Anyway, so
on Saturday we go out to tract, and because I'm Sister Stratford and
you k ow me, even with a perfectly functioning GPS I get lost on our
way to the street we decided to tract. But we're driving down, and
there's a house with the garage open, and I'm like, "meh, that's
usually a sign that someone's home. Let's just go knock on it. What's
the worst that can happen?" Random house in a random street.
We meet Pat. She's not interested at all. But she let us in when we
told her about family history and all the free resources the Church
has for all that. She's a very proud New Yorker Irish!! Hahaha. She's
fun, I like her. Anyway, she's an older lady, she sets us down and
tells us about family and gives us marriage advice and mommy advice
and all that fun stuff. Whenever we try to gear it towards the Gospel.
She just has zero interest, but it was fun to talk. And at the end,
when she's going to see us off, she starts to get out of her chair and
then her hip pops out of place.


So we grab her phone (didn't know where it was, but we went right to
it), said a prayer with her, and stayed with her until the ambulance
came. What's crazy is the phone was high up, she couldn't have reached
it if even if she had been able to pull herself to the ground and
crawl. She couldn't have stood. She lives alone, so no one would've
found her.

Random door on a random street, and it was right where the Lord
needed us to be. That was crazy.

At night we've taken to walking around, because Maricopa is a
commuters town (there is NOTHING HERE but houses and a Walmart! :p so
everyone drives hours to work) and dropping in on people just isn't as
productive, because everyone is either sleeping or grumpy that you
woke them up. :p so we walk around and talk to people who are already
out (people sit outside at night a lot at this time of year in AZ) and
it's a much more effective use of time.

We didn't have a street picked out to visit, so we just kinda drove
around and tried to feel where God wanted us. Turned left when He
said, turned right when He said. We were led right to a really cool
family. They just had gotten home, literally drove up right in front
of us. They spoke Spanish, so they're going to be taught by the
Spanish Sisters, but they're super cool. They're going to meet with
the Hermanas at the church and read scriptures with them. How cool is

It's been a CRAZY week.

Update on Peter.....he's pulled back again. :c but that's okay.
People are allowed to progress at whatever pace they want. It's sad
though, cuz we haven't gotten to see him at all since our last really
cool lesson. Oh well.

Long email! Haha. Thanks for being awesome! I love and miss you all!
18 days left of my 18 months!

Sister Stratford

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