Monday, September 28, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!!! I love you and miss you and eleven days!!

Just got back from Elder Scott's funeral. Just read one of his talks today, actually. I'm going to miss his talks in General Conference. 

 The women's conference was SO GOOOOOOD!!!!! Oh man, I think that's been the best one. If you didn't get a chance to see it, check it out here: it was all about loving life and finding ways to be happy, no matter what! I got so much revelation that I wrote down. So good. 

 It's made me really excited for General Conference this weekend!!!!!! I am BEYOND stoked for this! When it happens this Saturday and Sunday you can check it out at the same link. I'm really grateful for modern prophets and apostles who can talk to us through broadcast don't have to travel all over by boat and chariot like Peter. :p MODERN DAY PETER AND PAUL I get SO a excited about these things!!! I've been writing down questions and thinking about a lot of things.....kinda nice that my last weekend before I go home I get to have all this outpouring of revelation. Also, temple trip this week!!

 It's great because I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. 

 Birthday was awesome! :D thanks for all the birthday wishes, and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to email everyone last week. I'll try to get to everyone again this week. 

 The night of my birthday, we went out to work and started following our plans. But we felt a strong impression we were going the wrong way. It is the hardest thing to describe, but it was a really cool experience. We were guided together as a companionship to know where exactly we had to go and who to talk to. We were led to two separate homes in two co platelet different parts of our area. We haven't been able to see what has happened because of those contacts, but the Spirit was so strong, telling us that we did all that God wanted us to do that night. I don't have to see, when God says it I know it's true. I may never see either of them again, and that's okay. God gave me a birthday present! :D

We still haven't been able to work much this week. We're both sick still, which is kinda frustrating, because we both would much rather sprint to the end and spend our last week as missionaries. But we're doing our best. 

Peter came to church yesterday!!!!!! He ducked out right after Sacrament meeting, but hey, he came!! 

 I had an awesome insight this morning in studies. So I was reading a talk by Elder Scott about accessing the Atonement and the role of the Savior in our lives. ( I've been asking God how to better access His power to get me through and to overcome my fears, so stumbling on this talk—which references Alma 53, the chapter I read today—was a miracle. God taught me individually that what Christ did is there for us all the time. No matter what. He doesn't wait for us to notice that it's there, or for us to beg for it. It's just there. All we have to do is see it. Then we know how it works and what it does. Then we work as a team with God, and we work things out together. It was a comfort to k ow it was already there. 

 Man....after so many emails for eighteen months. It doesn't feel real. 

 I look forward to seeing you guys you guys at the end of next week. I love you all and I'm so grateful for such good friends and family who have loved me and supported me all this time. You are all awesome! Thank you so much!

Sister Stratford

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