Monday, February 23, 2015

Things never stopped being weird, so I guess it's normal now? XD I don't know. It's starting to get hot again already. Man. 

 It was a really short week. There's never enough time to see everyone, our area is just so big! But it's fun. 

 We haven't been able to see Donny in a long while, he bounces between his Mom's house over there and his friend's house here, and he really doesn't want misisonaries coming to his mom's house. But he's still as excited as ever to be baptized! He looooves the Book of Mormon and really relates to Nephi. And he's been working hard to make changes in his life, just by what he's learning and what he's feeling from the Spirit. It's always really weird (but way awesome!) when the people we teach just naturally start living the commandments without us having to teach them. It's real obvious when they're really trying to listen to what God wants from them. 

 Also, we got a new investigator named Burt. His son just got back from his mission and immediately talked to him about meeting with missionaries, and introduced him to us. Which is kinda intimidating, when I think of being entrusted with someone's father, and the fact that this was like the first thing he did when he got home, he's probably been thinking about this and looking forward to it his whole mission. But it's been way awesome, because Burt bikes all the way to the church to have a lesson with us (He doesn't feel like it's a good spiritual environment at his home) and even though he can't read very well, he's been working sooo haaard at reading the Book of Mormon, and it's crazy. The level of committment people have when they really want to know for themselves if something is true....I bet it must just be the greatest feeling for God to answer those prayers, when they want to know so badly. 

 Nessie, the woman who walked into church and told us she wanted to be baptized, has basically quit smoking cold turkey. "I was sick of it, anyway," she said, "all I needed was a reason and a little help. I'm good now." Haha! She's been really keeping herself busy to keep from smoking, too. She walked to the church like 3 hours early just for something to do, and sat outside to read the scriptures. She's so much fun, hahaha!

 Also, I received word from Laveen that Merry gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting about raising kids in a Gospel-centered home!!! I wish I could've been there, I'm soooooo excited for her!! Man, I miss so many people here so much. I get so happy to hear that they're doing good!

 Before I close, quick funny story to share: So the elders text out a scripture to their struggling investigators every now and then. The one they chose was John 14:18, "I will not leave you comfortless." They sent one to Bishop by accident. It said, "Check it out! God loves you! John 4:18."

 Bishop was like, "Oh, cool, a spiritual thought from the elders!!" So he pulls out his Bible and reads, "Thou hast five husbands." And is just super confused why they sent that to him.

 I love you all!! Thank you for the letters and the prayers!! I love being a missionary and I love seeing Christ change lives!! You should serve a mission!! :)

 God bless!!

 -Sister Stratford

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