Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents' Day!

So this'll be kinda short cuz the libraries are closed and I'm on an
iPad and typing is slooppoppow and clumsy....but, it's been a really
good fun week!! It's been a bit of a blur, sooooo many people to go by
and help.

My companion and I have really been trying to refocus on making sure
the Spirit is involved in everything, and it's made a difference.
We've been receiving a ton of promptings from God, and we've just
gotten a lot more effective. God really is at the head of His work,
and He does kno His children and what they need. He loves them and
wants to help. So when you listen to Him, He tells you what they need
and how to help them. I knew that principle before, but some things
you relearn several times, haha. It's a true thing, though. It's so
true, and it's a crazy thing to experience.

We had so many really good lessons this week. One woman we taught,
she was mainly curious because her son married a Latter-day Saint. She
was impressed by her daughter in law and her family, but mainly, she
wanted to know what to do and what not to do, since we basically have
our own culture, haha. But as we testified of what we knew to be true,
and about the Restoration, the Spirit was so strong. We invited her to
be baptized, and her reaction was basically, "well, that's a silly
question, of course I'll be baptized if I ask God and He tells me it's
true. Why wouldn't i? " that was really cool., writing it just doesn't do it justice. XD

I don't know if I named her, but Nami is the teenager we taught to
pray for the first time? She's been sooooo fuuuuuuuun!! Haha. She
really loves church and invited her cousin ("it's okay, three hours
goes fast. You'll see!"), she went to the Valentine's Day dance and
loooooved it, and she loves to pray now!! It's cool whenever we ask
her, she has cool stories about God helping her in a test, or in a
heated situation with a friend, or whatever. She's very excited about
girls camp. Man, we're just so excited for her to be a missionary,
haha. She's just so great!

Also, exciting news, I finished my study journal!! Cover to cover,
it's filled with so much stuff that I'm learning and guidance I've
gotten from the Spirit. There's something exciting about finishing a
journal and starting a new one. The new one is beautiful, too <3

Happy Valentines day, and happy Presidents' Day! Also, it's George
Washington's Birthday, so happy birthday to him as well!

Thanks so much for the letters and for your prayers and support! I'm
so grateful to be out here! Sorry again for the short letter, but I
love you guys and I'm grateful for all of you! :D God bless!

-Sister Stratford

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