Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Writing this month has been a real struggle...there are seriously ALL these miracles all over the place and I don't remember anything as soon as I sit down.

 Mandy came to church!! YAY!! And what was really cool, she really wanted to go with her family. But her family couldn't come....but she still came alone!! WHich is really cool, if she really didn't want to come, she would've taken that excuse. IT'S SO COOL SHE DIDN'T! She looooved Sacrament meeting, and she especially loooooooved the Gospel Principles class. She would listen to the lesson, but then she'd flip through the book and find something interesting and read that for a bit, then come back to the lesson....we let her take hte book home, because she was so fascinated by what she was reading, and it's the basic stuff of what Christ's Church teaches. She's really gotten into researching it, and we're just grateful she's been going to good sources for her information. Like the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles book. She's really getting excited by everything.
 We had a baptism yesterday! I don't know if they're named yet...they're the couple that walked into church one day because they prayed and God led them to this church. And they come to all the English sessions of Church, so 6 hrs of church. They got baptized yesterday!!!! :D it kinda reminded me of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever story, where everyone is thinking that everything is going wrong and it's all ruined (our cord didn't work for the TV, couldn't find a pianist, printer failed to print out the programs, water wasn't heating up, some freak traffic, font was too shallow, we were stressing bad)--but then it all works out and everything goes well. Not in spite of the things going wrong, but kinda because everything went wrong. I've never had a baptism plan smoothly, whenever we plan things something happens that makes it bumpy...but then it's really obviosu when God's hand comes in and just makes the mess work beautifully and it's perfect and you'd never have it be any other way. They were so happy at the end of it. I'd never seen bigger smiles...shallow font and all :p

....I don't have a lot of time, I need to get skype all ironed out so I can skype my family on Christmas. :3 I'm sorry these last couple of letters have been really lame and I haven't been able to remember all the cool stuff I've wanted to share. It's seriosly been the craziest transfer of my life. XD BUT Christmas has been awesome, and I love being a missionary. I still love working and I love Arizona and I LOVE CHRISTMAS and having htem all together has been really great. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. I know that this is the Lord's work. I've seen His hand in it too obviously to ever be able to deny that. Thanks for your pryares and your letters and your patience with me not getting back to letters. I love you all!! 

 -sister Stratford

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