Monday, December 15, 2014

Real quick, What's going on in California?!? Because seriously three people this week asked me where I'm from, and when I say "California," They got all concerned and asked, "Is your family okay?" ?!?!?!?! IS KOREA BOMBING MY HOUSE OR SOMETHING?!? :p haha. I had a little panic, apparently the weather is just going crazy, and I shouldn't say just, but y'know it is a relief when every worse case scenario ever just happened in the space of 1.8 seconds in your head. I strongly dislike being out of the loop on everything.  

SO this week has seriously been a blur and I haven't been able to keep up on my journal very well so my memory isn't very good. I don't remember anything if I don't record it first. :p But it's been an amazing, miracle-packed week. I'm so tired I feel like I'm falling apart, haha! But hard work and all, this is the best thing of my life and at the end o the day and through the stress, there's still nothing that has ever made me happier. MIssions are the best.

 But, some cool stuff. Mandy and her husband (I need to name him. Meet Dave) have been really progressing well. They came to the ward Christmas party and LOVED it!! They said everyone was unbelievably friendly. It was the first time they came to a church for the first time and weren't stared at. They wanted to go to the temple lights right after, but it ended up being too cold (you don't think that you get used to 110+ weather until you're freexing at 60) and they were so excited to get to church the next morning, but their car wouldn't start and they had no phone to tell us . :C next time for certain. But we went by their home last night and they were so excited to see us. We read the Book of Mormon with Mandy while Dave hung out in the back doing stuff pretending not to listen. Near the end he came in and sat down to ask us questions about what he heard. :P He's so fun, haha! But they've gone from really not interested but enjoying our company, to kinda curious, to wondering if it's true, to totally dead set on figuring out if this is true or not. What the heck. So cool. And we don't even feel like we've done anything special, we've taught about Christ and the Gospel and just watched the Spirit work on them. This is so the Lord's work, because as hard as we work, it's obvious that nothing gets done until God's working too. 

 It was really fun reading the Book of Mormon with them. She enjoys Nephi, and they both really like the story of the Zoramites and Alma's preaching to the poor. It's so funny how many people believe that Joseph SMith wrote it, or that it's a modern record, and then they get all confused when we explain how it's an ancient record from an ancient civilization who God loved just as much as His people in the Holy Lands. Then it makes a lot more sense to them why we like it so much. 

 ....I'm running out of time, dang it. Uh, Christmas is seriously the best as a missionary. It's the worst too, because we miss our families a lot. QUite a bit of trunky-talk going around. :p I don't know if it's easier or harder being so close to home. I joke about taking the 10 home everytime we pass the onramp. XD If you happen to see missionaries this week, seriously, give them a hug and tell them God's with them and their families are being taken care of.

 Sorry for the short letter, but I love you all and this is the best thing ever!! If you have the chance to serve a mission, do it, it's awesome. Christ lives and there's nothing better than telling everyone about it.

 -Sister Stratford

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