Monday, October 13, 2014

Phoenix Temple and Meet the Mormons!!

The temple is GORGEOUS!!! Love the baptistry, especially!! None of you are in Arizona, BUT if you ge the chance, go check out the Phoenix temple when it's in its open house, it's amazing!!

 We also got to screen the Meet the Mormons movie that came out on Friday. Missionaries aren't allowed to go into the theaters, so we got to see it early. and it was seriously so much fun to watch!! President Toone told us to beware of the last segment because it was going to get us trunky. Honestly, the football one made me the most trunky, haha. The Football and the Ping Pong tournament. 
 Though yeah, hearing a mom talk about how much she misses her missionary and how hard it'll be to part with him did make me miss home a little. But whatever, my parents write me awesome letters, so it's cool.

 THIS WEEK WAS SERIOUSLY NOTHING BUT MIRACLES!!!!!!!! It was an insane lineup of miracles that made it possible to go to the temple with a handful of investigators (we had to go on splits!).

 So, remember Lizzy? Having a Biblical Job kind of experience? Going through a lot, fell in love with the Gospel Library app? She's been enjoying the BoM and the Bible and all the videos on it. She still doesn't like organized religion, so whenever we've invited her to church it's been a flat no.

 So something happened in one of our lessons, where the Spirit COMPLETELY took over the lesson, and we invited her to church again. Which was crazy, she doesn't like church, she wants to worship in her own home.

 This time, it was like she was just waiting for the invitation. She said she'd love to, that maybe that's the thing that was really missing in her life. God had been silent for her, and if Church was a place where she could find answers and feel the Spirit, she'd go.

 So she came to church with a notepad and pencil. I was a little nervous because the topic was missionary work, but she was writing like crazy! And she LOVED it!! She said things were finally making sense that didn't before, things were starting to click! She asked if it was alright to come every week! OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! 8D 

 AND WE FINALLY GOT TO TALK TO CINDY!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! She still doesn't ever want to come to church ever again, which is sad. Working with her has been really sad...when we finally got to sit with her again, it's been clear she is not doing well at all. Spiritually, emotionally, physically. Working with her has been both the best joy and the biggest heartbreak in my life. We had a lesson prepared about how much God loves us and how we can know it, and she asked out of hte blue, "can I get a blessing? I really need one."

 it came out of nowhwere, we had hardly even explained what a blessing was. So we called someone over and explained about priesthood blessings to her. And it was everything she needed. The room was so full of the Spirit, and tears were running down her cheeks. She feels so unlovable, like she's botched her life for good and there's no way out, but every now and then she sees those glimpses of how much our Father in Heaven really cares for us. I just want to give her all of it, everything, please receive the Gospel of Christ! :c

 Talie and Tammy are doing good! They loooove being in the cultural celebration! And it's incredible, they're slowly pulling their inactive family back into activity. Scripture reading is common in their home now, even their grandma who wasn't a big fan of the Church (hasn't gone in 20+ years) has been reading the war chapters in Alma and discussing them with us like a good book! Which it is, I love the stories in the war chapters, haha. Moroni and Teancum are boss.

 I don't have a lot of time left, but I love you all!! thanks for everything you all do!! I still love being out here, and wouldn't trade this time for anything!

 -Sister Christina Stratford

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