Monday, October 20, 2014

Miracle week!!!

Literally, everything went right this week. It was insane. What the heck.

 Unfortunately, we weren't able to contact a lot of hte people we were working with. They were busy, or they cancelled last second, and everything with them fell through. Really hoping that meeting with Cindy would be the start of weekly lessons again, but I guess those things can't be rushed. She's still feeling down. Lizzy was dealing with a lot of things all week.

 BUT, we had a TON of RANDOM miracles, so many I couldn't even get them all down into my journal, and I definitely won't be able to record them in the short amount of time I have left. :p But I'll kinda try....let's do three. Just three.

 So there's someone who's been on our list forever. He's a recent convert, apparently. and we don't know how we missed him, we look through that list all the time and we knew everyone there, and all the sudden one day we realized, "holy cow, who is this guy? Why dont' we know him?" So we had to go over there and see.

 Turns out he doesn't live there. The guy who does has lived there for years and years, so....we still don't know who that guy is. We were feeling like horrible missionaries, but we were talking to this guy and had his attention, so we started talking to him. We asked if he believed in God or practiced any kind of religion.

 "Yeah, actually," he said, lighting a cigarette. "I'm actually a Latter-Day Saint. What church are you guys from?"

 Well. XD 

 He was SO EXCITED to talk to us!! he was baptized when he was a kid. there was a foster family he was just so impressed with, and he loved the Church, and he still considers himself Mormon even though he doesn't attend church or live the lifestyle at all. He was happy to talk to us and really liked the idea of coming back to church.

 Another miracle, we ran into some teenaged girls the other day. Normally we don't lilke to talk to minors because it can be pretty dangerous and you don't want to freak parents out, but we've been really working on talking to everyone and they were super willing to talk. They were older teens, anyway. At first they really weren't interested in listening. Wehn we asked about tehir beliefs, they said, "We believe in God, and we're Christian, but we don't like any of the churches. They're all wrong, the original teachings of Christ have been so screwed up and twisted to fit what people want. Like, don't get me wrong, I"m sure your church has a lot of good stuff--most churches have some of the truth. But we don't go to any church in our family." 

 They got so excited when we talked about a Restoration of the Gospel. they got really excited when we talked about prophets and apostles. They were just really excited about the whole thing. It was really fun to talk to them! 

 ...jk, I'll only do 2 miracles. :/ It was a reeeeaaally good week, though! Even though everything fell through and it wasn't the week we were hoping for....honestly, it was WAY better than the week we were hoping for. :p It was a good reminder that God's in control, that when we are trying our best and things are hard, He's there every step of the way. After all, in the parable of the Lord and His servants working in the vineyard, the Lord works alongside His servants. And I love that. This is His work, and we are not left alone. I love being a missionary! It's been an amazing experience with the ups and downs, and I'm grateful I still have so much time left! Thanks for your prayers and for your letters!! I love you all!!

 -Sister Stratford

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