Monday, February 24, 2014

About This Blog


 This is where I'll be putting my letters to home. Personal letters will be answered separately, but this will be the general information that I would tell everyone I write back. I have my fingers crossed that a member or a library somewhere will have a scanner I can use, and that I'll have little bits of time to draw. If so, then those will go up here, as well.

 I won't have any internet access on my mission except once a week for letter writing, so I won't be able to see or respond to any comments here.

 I've been called to the Arizona, Tempe mission. I'm reporting March of 2014 and will be coming home around September 2015. I am speaking English.

 And I am excited.

p.s. Most y'all know I like to write and tell stories. if you think this blog's gonna be all right grammar and spelling and all that, u rong. I'm not going to have time to be eloquent, and that's fine by me.

 Besides, writers don't spell, they write. Spelling comes later after you've gotten your thoughts down and before your editor strangles you.

 I won't ever get passed the first stage of writing, so good thing I don't have an editor. XD

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