Monday, August 24, 2015

Full Steam!!

Sorry for the late letter. We went bowling as a zone, it was super fun. :p

It's actually been funny.....sister Williams is leaving for home this
Friday, she's finished her mission. And watching her pack and get
everything ready and such, as much as I love my mission, I have
moments of, "man, I can't wait until that's me! Just a few more week!"

But we went bowling today, and y'know, loud music and we're all
wearing civilian clothes and hanging out like a bunch of teenagers and
there are ads and music videos playing everywhere. And it was fun not
being totally missionary for a few hours, but afterwards, I was
thinking, ".....maybe I actually don't ever want to go home. Like,
ever...." The mission life is hard, but it's sooooooo good! And, I
dunno, it's nice being separate from the world...were not isolated and
secluded. We're interacting with tons of people everyday from every
walk of life imaginable, but there's still that separate-ness that's
just so special, and thenSpirit is so special. I dunno if I want to
come home, guys. I'd rather just help people and teach them about
Jesus and not pay attention to anything else for the rest of my life.

We had a very special baptism yesterday. Keenan is a 9year old we've
been working with, his family has slowly been coming back to church.
His dad didn't feel like he could baptize his son, and we were
scrambling around to find someone who could baptize him. Scout leaders
couldn't, home teachers couldn't, primary teachers were all
sisters.....and we're getting frustrated and tired (I had a stress
dream that night where I was still calling people :p), and the thought
pops in, "why not get one of the young priests to do it? Perform their
first baptism?" So one of the priests accepts, and he's soooooo
nervous, haha. He invited his friends for moral support. He's like 16,
:p. And all of Keenan's family came, both immediate and extended, LDS
or from other faiths. His grandmother gives a great talk, and his
grandmother, and there was even a musical number, and it was just
awesome. The spirit was SO STRONG, and his mom was just ear to ear
smile, just glowing with joy. Then in the confirmation, the WML was
like, "wait, so why can't Keenan's father confirm him?" After the dad
talkedwith the bishop, they found out it wasn't a worthiness thing, he
just didn't personally feel worthy. But talking with the bishop ironed
some of that out. He was totally worthy to participate in his own
son's ordinance. So he got to be in the circle for the confirmation,
which was super special. It was th first time he exercised the
priesthood in years. It was so cool!

We had another really good lesson with Brother Sausage....but he
basically dropped us. :( he told us he was grateful for all we've
done, and we were key guides, and he believes in God again. He wants
to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, and then the New Testament,
and do his own study and learning from God. Which is awesome, it's
great when they want to figure it out for themselves. He just doesn't
want us coming by so often, so I don't get to see him so much. So

WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!! They were just glowing the whole time, they
looked so happy to be together in the temple, and in the Celestial
room together, and basically the whole Ward was there, and Sister
Nelson and Sister Eggleston (they're companions :p two companions I
love very much, haha) were there, and gaaah, it was just the best!!
They're hoping to get sealed later in the year. I really really really
want to be there for that, too. They're just such a great family. I
love them so much!

Well, I'm running out of time....focused and so very not trunky,
mm-hm. I've got one transfer left! Tuesday is the last transfer call
that actually affects me! Though it's anti climatic, since one thing
is certain....sister Williams isn't going to be my companion again
next transfer....:( so crazy. We'll see what happens! I hope I stay...

Love you all!! Thanks so much for all you do! :)

Sister Stratford

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