Monday, January 26, 2015

Maaan, this week was a blur and I don't remember any of it!! haha. I wish I had news about transfers, but we didn't get our transfer calls last night, and apparently they're not coming until Tuesday. So. Yeah, we have no idea what's happening at transfers :p I'll let you guys know after it happens.

 This'll be a short letter, I'm way running out of time :C Also I forgot to take notes this week on what to write, soooo...this'll be crazy.

 Lacey has been going through a TON. Everything just started piling on her, but it's been the coolest thing, because the light behind her face is just growing. And her family members have noticed and have been asking questions. It's so cool.

So really cool exchange miracle!! Exchanges are notorious for being perfect for miracles. There's a young man in our records who was just baptized less than a year ago, but his address was wrong, and we didn't really know what to do about it. So while we were on exchanges (trading companions for a day with another companionship), I was looking at our areaboook when my temporary companion said, "WAIT!! Go back!!!" And she looked at the name and freaked out. "I taught him!!!" She said. "Then he moved and we had no idea where!! He has some really hard trials, and wherever he is, his ward doesn't know he's there! They don't know they need to help him!!!! does he have a number?!" He did. She was soooooo excited, she called him and told him she missed him and to call us back so we could get his ward involved and help him out. It was so cool. 

 We started teaching the Spanish bishop's nephew!! He's basically been teaching himself. He has a BoM And he's read passed Alma already. ANd he's not just reading it, either, he's really studying it intensely. He looooooves studying the Bible, not just reading but studying, and so he's been trying out the same thing with the BoM. In every prayer he asks God if it's true. When we asked if he got his answer, and he said he had, and that it was true. Not every day you get to teach someone who already knows it's true, haha! He said he wants to get baptized after he's finished the book.

 ....Sorry for the short letter, I"m a little pressed. But thank you guys so much for the letters and the prayers!! I love Arizona and I'm so grateful that I get to serve here!! God is real and Christ is our Savior. There's no denying it at this point! :) Love you all!!

 -Sister Stratford

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