Monday, November 10, 2014

Still in Phoenix!!! <3

(before I forget, next week p-day will be on Wednesday so we can go to the temple. So I wont' be able to write until wednesday next week)

I literally moved RIGHT next door to my old area. It's so weird, I know all the street names and gas stations. And We're driving, and I'm thinking, "Man, just down this street, so-and-so lives there...." it's kinda frustrating to be so close to those people and not be able to go visit them, but I'm excited to meet and fall in love with these people, too!

 I even know a few of the people. I'm comapnions with Sister Morris, who's an STL, so I've been on exchanges with her and I met some of these people last transfer. SO WEIRD.

 Also, we're covering two wards. I've heard of htat happening before, but I hadn't realized just how crazy that was. I feel like I've been hit by a bus, especially after 6 hours of church on Sunday, hahaha!! 6+, because of a ward meeting and a stake meeting. It's reeeeaaaally different, going from a place where you knew all the members to where you know no one and twice as many of them and you have to keep straight who's in what ward and even....we share one ward with the elders, so only half of that ward....htekljrdf I might explode. XD But at the same time, it's an adventure, and I'm enjoying it. I have an amazing companion that I already kn ow and get along with, I'm somewhat familiar with teh area already...if God was ever going to do something like this to me, this would be the time. He's cushioned it very well. 

 We've talked to so many people, I dont' even know what to write about....the main adventure this week has been trying to get my feet under me. There are A LOT of people in this area, it's a little overwhelming. But having an enormous teaching pool is as bad of a problem as having not enough storage for all your chocolate :) Good problem to have.

 .....I'll figure out who all I should write about next week, I guess, when I know everyone a little better and all that is happening. So I'll send pictures mostly this week, I guess. 

 Lego temple!!!! OH MY GOSH YES

Birthday fun :p

This Haboob was not nearly as cool as the first one. We ran inside to get in the church as fast as we could, but it was very anticlimatic.

Leaving Laveen was really really hard, but I'm excited to still be in Phoenix and continue working out here!!! By Christmas, I'll be halfway through my mission....and we're beginning to play Christmas music in the appartment! AHHHHHHHH

 You don't think it goes by quick, but then it actually does. 

 I'm so very exhausted, especially after this weekend, but I've never been happier in my life. I love being a missionary. I love these people and I love the Lord. I love sharing these truths wtih people. I love seeing them understand that God loves them for the very first time. I've grown to embrace and even love the awkwardness of talking to strangers, haha. My testimony of the Gospel has grown so much. I'm grateful God let me serve a mission. It has been the greatest thing of my life.

 I love you all!! <3

 -Sister Stratford


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